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Welcome to the Cyclorama. This spacious studio features a 65x32 full cyclorama with 20ft ceilings. The cyclorama room is painted white, but can be painted green upon request.



Ceiling Truss

The cyclorama has a suspended ceiling truss with a grid for rigging lighting, LED panels, monitors, set dressings, and more! The grid is wired for lighting and other production equipment.


Stellar Studios also has a fully furnished private green room facility, two private bathrooms & shower, two modern makeup stations, and a full sized kitchen. Amenities are available to rent.

Ample Power

The space comes with ample of clean power options for your production needs. The cyclorama has 100 AMP Switch with 4 dedicated ground circuits and 9 dedicated grid circuits.

Car Accessible

A 20ft single bay garage opens up to the cyclorama studio allowing drive-in access for sets, lighting, and production gear. The studio space is large enough to hold 1-2 vehicles, a car turntable is available upon request.


Live Productions

The cyclorama’s layout lends itself to live productions. The space is equipped with speaker system, live monitoring on massive TVs, and state-of-the-art switcher for audio & video. The studio can also accommodate a live audience of 50 people. Seating is available upon request.

Floor Plan

Our studio rentals seamlessly integrate with a full range of production equipment. Camera packages, lighting packages and production equipment/supplies are available to rent. Makeup rooms, kitchen and green rooms allow you to customize your production experience to fit your needs.

Stellar Studios is an ideal space for all genres of video shoots. Whether you have a large film production, music video or photo shoot, Stellar has a studio to fit your imagination and inspiration.

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LED Stage for Virtual Production

The cyclorama studio can be converted into a LED stage for virtual production. With over 1000 panels available if you can dream it Stellar Studios can build it. The LED panels are available in 3 pre-built packages, but if you need something custom please fill out the form below, we will be happy to assist.

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