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Welcome to the LED studio! This panoramic LED wall is a versatile backdrop that covers a wide variety of filming needs. The LED studio serves as a modern alternative to a green screen and can be used for in-camera VFX, car commercials, live performances, music videos, streaming virtual festivals, product demos, and more.


What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production is an emerging technology that merges live action with CGI environments to create an immersive filming experience. It works by using hardware that ports your camera movements into 3D software in real time which animates the CGI environment displayed on the LED panels behind your subject for in-camera VFX.

The environments are built in Unreal Engine, the real-time camera tracking is possible with Antilatency hardware linked with Aximmetry software. So as the cameras move, so does the background, enabling in-camera VFX.

LED Packages

70 Panel Setup
Artboard 1.jpg
53187402-4354-4CDF-88C7-05D1F624D06B copy.jpg
791328bb-569a-4adf-8b6c-a650f4b490b6 copy.jpg
144 Panel Setup
Artboard 1 copy.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg
366 Panel Setup


Ceiling Truss

The cyclorama has a suspended ceiling truss with a grid for rigging lighting, LED panels, monitors, set dressings, and more! The grid is wired for lighting and other production equipment.


Stellar Studios also has a fully furnished private green room facility, two private bathrooms & shower, two modern makeup stations, and a full sized kitchen. Amenities are available to rent.

Ample Power

The space comes with ample of clean power options for your production needs. The cyclorama has 100 AMP Switch with 4 dedicated ground circuits and 9 dedicated grid circuits.

Car Accessible

A 20ft single bay garage opens up to the cyclorama studio allowing drive-in access for sets, lighting, and production gear. The studio space is large enough to hold 1-2 vehicles, a car turntable is available upon request.

Floor Plan

The Cyclorama.jpg
Production Still_17.33.1.jpg

Custom Builds

The LED studio can be arranged as a flat wall, a curved wall, with or without suspended ceiling panels. For a custom LED build please reach out to us and we can get you a custom quote for your production.

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